Drone Show for Indoor and Outdoor venues with

Infinium Waders

Infinium Waders

We mix art, creativity, and robotics in our unique drone show. Our drone is built with the latest technologies combined with new innovations in hardware and software applications for outdoor and indoor environments. Safe and light drones for the public, the weight of one drone is only less than 250 grams. Infinium Waders has a positioning precision of 5 cm in indoor venues and 0.5 meters in outdoor events. Our combination of flights can achieve a different variety of effects with performers on stage.

We provide not only high-tech innovations to your show, but also unforgettable emotions. Let us make the event aesthetic and elegant!

First of all, we take into account all your wishes. Afterward, we make it come true with the best solutions and offers for the show!

Our team customizes choreographed drones with fascinating trajectories and captivating lighting effects.

Surprise your loved ones on special occasions with our lovely drones, Infinium Waders!

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If you’d like to surprise your customers with out-of-this-world aerial drones, contact our incredible staff at Infinium Robotics, and we’ll be pleased to help you with your reservation requirements, guaranteeing you get the enjoyment you want.


Environmentally Friendly

Non-emission of toxic gases to the atmosphere.


Unlike fireworks, UAS platforms can be re-used and re-programmed with various different formations on future occasions.


UAS aerial light displays are versatile and can accommodate complex choreographical sequencing (including different spatial formations and light sequences).