Infinium Robotics presents Infinium Waders, one of the most popular entertainment industries in the world. We combine technology with elegance in one unique drone swarm software. Our team has experience with different kinds of shows. 

Our spectacular flying drones will bring an amazing visual aspect to your celebration, and quickly wow your guests with their larger-than-life presence that will impress everybody at your event. Our kind of modern performance, a beautiful technological show for all ages, is sure to leave your audience with unique memories as they attend your special event. We provide not only high-tech innovations to your show, but also unforgettable emotions. Let us make your event memorable and unique!!!

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If you’d like to surprise your customers with out-of-this-world aerial drones, contact our incredible staff at Infinium Robotics, and we’ll be pleased to help you with your reservation requirements, guaranteeing you get the enjoyment you want.


Environmentally Friendly

Non-emission of toxic gases to the atmosphere.


Unlike fireworks, UAS platforms can be re-used and re-programmed with various different formations on future occasions.


UAS aerial light displays are versatile and can accommodate complex choreographical sequencing (including different spatial formations and light sequences).