Infinium Waders is a solution for customized performance with drones light entertainment. Our Infinium team creates the most unique shows with the latest smart technologies. The combination of executed software and hardware with the exhibition of autonomous drone UAV / UAS formations for indoor and outdoor venues achieves the most realistic 3D image in the sky. With our advanced drone system, the drone shows are created by performing with a number of unique safety features, such as safety limits, collection of flight information, and ground control system.

Indoor Drone show

The main challenges of indoor UAS formation displays are the lack of space and a much lower error of margin (with positioning precision error not greater than 5 cm). To enable autonomous collision-free multiple UAS deployment in confined spaces, Infinium Robotics developed its own proprietary flight controller on board the UAS as well as trajectory planning algorithms.

5 cm

Indoor Precision

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Outdoor Drone show

Infinium Robotics can provide magnificent, full-fledged outdoor aerial light displays for customers looking at showcasing their brand name in the skies.

Aerial light displays are an excellent substitute for traditional fireworks due to the lack of noise. Additionally they are much more environmentally friendly as they can be re-used and their impact on the atmosphere pollution is minimal, unlike fireworks.

0.5 meters

Outdoor Precision

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Environmentally Friendly

Non-emission of toxic gases to the atmosphere.


Unlike fireworks, UAS platforms can be re-used and re-programmed with various different formations on future occasions.


UAS aerial light displays are versatile and can accommodate complex choreographical sequencing (including different spatial formations and light sequences).